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Architectural guide to contemporary houses

by Holden Realty, Inc. 07/08/2024

While contemporary architecture can be difficult to define, there are several key characteristics you can use to identify contemporary houses. Everything from the building materials to the interior layouts can help you pinpoint exactly where a home fits in the contemporary style spectrum.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to pick a contemporary home out from the crowd, here is a quick guide to some of the most important factors to consider:

Asymmetry & free-form shapes

Contemporary house plans feature an emphasis on asymmetrical designs. You can find this both in the exterior and interior of the home, with free-form layouts, shapes and arrangement of major structural features.

Open floor plans are prevalent, giving the homeowner freedom and flexibility to build their living spaces with their personal sense of balance.

Curved lines & rounded forms

One way contemporary architecture differs from modern architecture is its preference for curves and round shapes in exterior design. Contemporary design uses plenty of clean, simple lines, but errs on the side of rounded shapes rather than sharp angles.

Contemporary home plans tend to inspire interior design decisions like rounded furniture and organic motifs.

Green roofs & living walls

The emphasis on nature that began with modern architecture still rings true in contemporary house plans. Abundant windows for natural light, and heavy use of natural materials like wood and stone are major aspects of this theme, but contemporary homes take it further with green roofs and living walls.

Green roofs involve a layer of living vegetation installed on flat or slightly sloped roofs. They are popular architectural features in densely populated areas where homeowners wish to do their part to reduce air pollution. Living walls are often situated on the interior of the house, and feature various types of live plants sustained by integrated irrigation systems.

Contemporary house designs are varied and difficult to define. However, these important elements are useful in recognizing contemporary house plans - or designing your own.